3dsmax Exporter trouble

Hello Everyone ;
I hv a trouble 3dsmax Exporter ( glb ) ( 27/ 05/ 2020 version )

-Any limits for materials ? if i m using more than 30-35 material in scene
3dsmax crashing when exporting, under 30 export well,

  • Some meshes upside down when exported :slight_smile:
  • And cant see progress bar bottom of the exporter screen anymore.


pinging @Drigax

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Welcome to the forum @3dprof.com

Can you post a sample scene? None of our samples use this many materials, I don’t believe any of our schemas have a material limit either.

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Hi Drigax pls give me your mail adress i will send u my full scene with textures
Thanks ( my mail kemalucar@3dprof.com , kemalucar@hotmail.com )

Hi everyone

I solved this problem ; ( Its my fault )

Checked all materials in scene, then make all multi materials instanced ( not copy )

( if multimaterials copy , exporter make unique material then repeat same materials again again )

But still trying to understand why few meshes upside down, i ll try append in scene again

And still cant see progress bar and full exporter screen :slight_smile:

( My wish; for exporter screen , a checkbox for try to optimize all meshes in scene )
Thanks for your quick responds and interests
Hv nice works , tc. yourself
Kemal UÇAR

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Hi everyone ,

I solved upside down meshes problem too ; ( it s my fault again :slight_smile: )

I was imported some meshes from sketchup skp-kmz files ( obj-fbx ) in 3dsmax scene,

meshes are looking true position in max scene, but when exported glb file lookin upside down.

Checked meshes pivot vectors position in max and rotated same as world pivot axis

then problem solved in glb files too :slight_smile:.


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There remains the problem of the progress bar and the console. Report here 8 days ago:

I hope this can be resolved soon

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