3DS Max Export with Morph attributes. Missing some morph attributes targets

I have a Men Model that contains 28 Morph attributes targets
ankle and arm for Increase and Decrease targets. When I exporting in GLB in 3DS max (2018,2023 and 2024 version). It’s missing some attributes. Arm Increase target missing in exported file. It seems it replaced with Calf Decrease targets. calf getting 3 targets , one for Calf Increase and second and third for Calf Decrease where as Calf should be only two targets Increase and decrease. I created model three times but getting same issue. I don’t know why its happening. Please help.
I attached a screenshot to better understanding.

cc @PatrickRyan

could you perhaps share your max file?

@Alok1, I’m happy to take a look at what is happening. Would you be willing to share a file, even in a private message? It’s hard to debug what may be happening from just a screenshot. Thanks!

@PatrickRyan As max file shared with you by my team member @tagopinath just 2 days before. I hope you checked. I am waiting for your response with perfect solution. Thanks!

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Hi @carolhmj and @PatrickRyan Any update?

Patrick is pretty busy with an internal project so unfortunately he hasn’t been able to take a look at it. :sweat_smile: Please bear with us a bit.

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@Alok1, I apologize for the delay in my response, this took a bit of debugging and I was battling a separate high-pri deadline. What I am seeing is there may be an issue with the exporter since I tried to repro your issue and found that it depends on how you set up your morph targets as to what you get on export. The other thing I found when opening this file is the following warning and wanted to make sure you were aware of the existence of the script.


This is where I tag @srzerbetto about the issue. From what I am seeing, the last morph that is assigned to the morpher modifier is not included, but a second copy of the first morph attached to the morpher is there. So This may be an issue of the first morph in the list being added twice and the loop ending one index before the end of the morph array in the modifier. This seems to be pretty consistent behavior. I also created a small repro file for testing.

maxMorphRepro.zip (200.8 KB)

I am using Max 2023 with the latest build of the Max exporter.

Thanks to response @PatrickRyan ,
As i checked my file and resolved targets and shared privately with you by my team member @tagopinath.

But as I checked that you shared demo file yesterday.
I opened .max file in the 3ds max 2023 attached screenshot below.
In the Max working fine but after exporting last target missing in your file also and first target attached twice.

After export glb result:-

This issue is with my file too.
So Please check.

Thanks for providing all that debug information @PatrickRyan ! I will take a look and see if I can figure out what is happening with the exporter. I will keep you guys up to date with what I find.

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I think I found what the issue is. I have a PR open for it, I will let you guys know when it gets merged so you can try it.

Fixed morph targets to not be 0 index based by SergioRZMasson · Pull Request #1110 · BabylonJS/Exporters (github.com)

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You’re the best, @srzerbetto! Thanks for jumping on this so quickly!

Hi @PatrickRyan & @srzerbetto,

Thanks a lot for swiftly resolving my query about 3ds Max exporter with Morph targets. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!