3DS max morph export bug

I’ve found a couple of bugs in the 3DS max exporter when it comes to morphing. I’m using 3ds max 2023 (Babylon v20221031.2). These bugs were not present in 3ds max 2021 (Babylon v20210519.2), so I’m not sure which version introduced this bug.

Basically, it seems like morph targets cant have a space in their name, and morph targets always get rebuilt and duplicated into another channel?

Here is a video to show what is happening, if anyone can shed any light on the problem:


Many thanks


cc @bghgary and @PatrickRyan who are way more experts than me in this area.

Unfortunately, we are no longer supporting these exporters. If you or someone else who is capable of fixing this issue, please submit a PR and we will review it. A repro scene will also be useful for whoever is trying to fix it.

Oh no really?

I was shocked to read that. Hmmm, I guess it makes sense if Autodesk are building their own exporter. though I don’t have loads of faith in Autodesk to build us something good, and in good time :frowning:

Fingers crossed though