3ds max exporter: material issues on glb

Dear community
I am using the nice babylon exporter to export models from 3ds max to gltf. Recently, I exported a new model that seems to have issues with the material on the wing, see:

Any ideas why this is happening? The files to reproduce this behavior can be found here:
acft_mdl.zip (4.9 MB)

I already (somewhat prematurely) opened an issue on github (see here), but maybe someone in this forum can come up with another explanation. Thank you very much!

cc @Guillaume_Pelletier

and @bghgary :wink:

It’s appear that for any reason, the exporter is save a Color channel for the vertices. This one is in cause here.
Just disable the use vertex color into the babylon viewer made the trick.

However i have to understand why these vertex colors are exported. Did you done it intentionaly ??
Have you tried to export the model with Max2021, in order to see if something change into the 2023 API?

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I’m just guessing, but one possibility is that Max ignores vertex colors when there is a material (which is fairly common for engines and tools, e.g., Unity). Babylon.js and glTF multiplies the vertex colors with the material colors. If Max ignores the vertex colors when there is a material, then the exporter should take that into consideration and not output vertex colors when there is a material.

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