Maxscript to send gltf file to Sandbox?

I hope that this is the correct forum to post my question.

I have wrote an exporter using maxscript. Everything works well so far except that I don’t know how to send the created gltf file in the Babylon Sandbox. Is this is the info that I need: .glTF File Loader Plugin | Babylon.js Documentation

Or there is a direct maxscript command that can be used?

Adding @Guillaume_Pelletier and @Drigax our exporters guru.


If i correctly understand the question, you made a script it call the exporter and wish to run the result into BabylonJS Sandbox automatically.

Actually, at the end of the export script, to run the created file (either babylon, gltf or glb) we are setting up a local webserver in the .net script at this line. I’m not aware of a way to do it using solely max script.

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Thank you.
Yes, I want to run the result into BabylonJS Sanbox automatically.
I will check the code you pointed and I hope to find a solution.

One suggestion would be to refactor the current export and run code to a separate function, exposed to the maxscript.

If you’d like to make a PR, I’d be happy to help :slight_smile:

This, access to all controls and functionalities of the Exporter via maxscript, will be the best solution.