No Longer Actively Supporting Autodesk Exporters

Hey Everyone,

Today we’re announcing that the core Babylon.js dev team is stopping active development on the Maya & Max .gltf Exporters (GitHub - BabylonJS/Exporters: Exporters for Babylon.js and gltf file formats) While these tools will continue to work for existing and previous version of Maya/Max (2023 and previous versions) we cannot guarantee that they will continue to work with future versions.

There are 2 main reasons for us stopping active development on these exporters:

  1. Autodesk is now actively building export support for .gltf objects directly in Maya and Max. While at this moment, the features that Autodesk supports in their own exporters is not as rich as the Babylon exporters, we believe this will change with time as they bring new features online in the future.

  2. As with all development teams, we are committed to bringing the most value possible to our wonderful community. At this time we believe that there are more important features and enhancements to Babylon.js itself that our team needs to focus on to maximize the value we’re bringing to you.

For alternative export means, please see this doc: Export Pipeline to glTF | Babylon.js Documentation

It is our sincere hope that you understand the reasons behind this decision. The code for the exporters will continue to be Open Source and if any of you are interested in taking over ownership of development of these tools moving forward, please reach out to @PirateJC or @bghgary directly.

Thanks to you all!


Good call IMO

Focus on where it counts. :wink:

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I just bought Maya b/c of all the problems i was having with Blender. BUT then, i discovered two Blender plugins which have totally changed the game.

To fix all of the insanity on asset import:

To fix all of the insanity on attaching rig/anim to mesh:

Prior to that i was going to install a VM to get the Maya BABYLON JS plugin to work on my Mac. All to say, no worries - and hope those two plugins help any of you who are turning to Maya in desperation when your Blender import/exports go haywire.

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