3DSMax export to glTF: object properties to extras

Hi all,

we want to set custom JSON attached to an object and get it in the “extras” property of a node or mesh in the exported glTF.

To do so, I tried to set custom extra information attached to object in 3DSMax in the (right click) “object properties” -> “user defined” UI. This feature allow to set free text, and there is already a line filled by babylonJS setting a guid.

I added the line following line:
“extras”: { “my_prop”:“the_value”, “another_prop”: true}
but it is not exported in glTF.

Is there a way to do this, or it may be a feature request?

Thanks in advance.

It is something that can be done with a PR if you are ok to try :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:
I’m not an expert in git, but I managed to do something, with some duplicated code:

extras = { "my_prop":"the_value", "another_prop": true, "a_sub_object": {"an_int":14, "an_array":[12.8, {"obj_in_array": true}]}}

is exported as:

  "extras": {
    "my_prop": "the_value",
    "another_prop": true,
    "a_sub_object": {
      "an_int": 14,
      "an_array": [
          "obj_in_array": true

Can I send the modified BabylonExporter.Mesh.cs to someone or here to have a look?

well gihub PR will be the best as it will expose the diff

ok. I need to clean the code.

And I just realize that:

babylonInstanceMesh.metadata = ExportExtraAttributes(meshNode, babylonScene);

is supposed to setup extras, but it is called only on InstanceMesh, not on MasterMesh. I don’t understand how it works since it calls max scritps :confused:

My bad, ExportExtraAttributes is called on master and instance.

I can only test on 3DSMax 2018. Do I #ifdef my code for 2018 only?

nope, if it compiles it should be fine as we check against all sdk

ok, done.