4.0 Release Video - Community Contributions


Hey @phaselock,

Can you help clarify your question a little bit for me? Are you asking if Microsoft has any plans to offer financial grants to people interested in using Babylon for specific projects?



Yes, that’s it.

Or some sort of MS roadmap that is targeted towards enabling adoption of babylonjs for projects. As an outsider, I have no idea of where babylonjs is ‘going’. When I first got to know about babylon, I thought it would be really cool to make stuff combined with the hololens for web content. But I have no sense/feel of whether that is just my pipe dream or indeed a plausible future to look forward to.


Hey @phaselock great questions with a couple different answers.

  1. There are no financial grants to develop for Babylon that I’m aware of.

  2. Because Babylon is open-source, the community drives our future plans. The github issues page is the best place to see the collective community “Wish List” of features.

If you’ve got ideas for things you’d like to see added/supported, please consider adding new issues to that page!

I hope this answers your questions!

Thanks a million!

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Hey, so how do we contribute to the video :smiley: ?

I just posted in Demos and Projects: Copter Cove - Instant Game


Hey @Rah,

Thanks for submitting this! I’ve added this to the list! Thanks a million!

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Do I need to make a video of it?
Or do you guys do that?


We’ll take care of the video. All we need is submissions and links! So we’re all set!

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Working on an XR user interface limited to only Magic Leap right now, as it is the only XR device with hand tracking, though exokit. I do not have the device, and even it I did would only be able to provide video.

Are videos instead of live scenes acceptable? Was going to do a demo video on Chrome for my own purposes, where the person is replaced by a mesh. If interested, provide resolution, aspect ratio, FPS, codec you would want.


Hey @JCPalmer,

Yeah that totally works! Not a problem at all!

As an FYI, the final video that we’ll produce is going to be at a resolution of 1920x1080, so please make sure that your video is decently high resolution.

Thanks for the great question!


Can definitely do that res. For my own publishing I will use VP9 if I go the YouTube route, & H264 if I post direct to Twitter. I have not made that decision yet. Can also provide the raw VP8, but it will be HUGE & the audio track will be missing. VP9 & H264 versions have already been optimized with ffmepg for streaming.

After I publish, I will PM you the link & you can have anything that I can offer here with a click of the record button & script written to the console.


Perfect!!! Love it!


Hi, @PirateJC,
I have just made this:
and would like to submit it to be considered.


Hey @hcmetal - Currently it looks like it’s a dead link for me? Possible to fix?



Hi, @PirateJC,
Something went wrong with my DNS provider. I’m looking into it.
For the time being, you can visit the site via:
If the link is still redirected to www.shangshouculture.com, please clear your browser cache.

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Friendly reminder to all, to submit your projects to this thread if you haven’t already done so!

Final deadline for submissions is Monday April 22nd!

Super excited to showcase some of the amazing work being done by the community!


Hi @PirateJC,

Thanks for the reminder, I kept the better for the end! :wink:

You may have heard of https://wazana.io the game I develop :joystick:. The game uses V4 for 2 months now. One of the reasons I made the switch was to benefit from the new particle gradient effect which allowed me to make cool unit and building explosions :boom:

To help you I tried to make some videos of the game but with the cheap software I use, I have either a huge file or a bad video quality. Still here is the asset I can provide you and tell me if you need anything!

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Take a look at https://obsproject.com/ :wink:


@PichouPichou! Wow this looks fantastic! Thanks for sending over the files to check out.

If possible it’d be awesome if you could send over a video of the gameplay at a resolution of 1920x1080.

per @Vinc3r’s suggestion, OBS Studio is a fantastic open-source software that does an amazing job of capturing at whatever resolution you need. Definitely check it out!

And thanks again for submitting!


Thanks a lot, @Vinc3r for the software, it is indeed way better both in term of quality and weight!

@PirateJC, very nice video you pushed today on the inspector, looking forward to seeing the others. Speaking of videos I manage to follow your requirements with OBS Studio. Here is the result

Tell me what you think about it and if I can do anything better! :wink:

Cheerz, Pichou


@PichouPichou - Thanks for the kind words about the video. Another one is coming today!

Also thanks for sending over the videos! I think these will work great!!!