4.1 update issues with GlowLayer

Since the update today, I’m having issues with some materials not glowing (using GlowLayer + emissions). They were working fine before the update.

The materials are exported from 3ds max using the gltf exporter. SOME of my meshes with emission materials are working just fine, but about 70-80% of them stopped working as of the update.

My gltf files have not changed. The only thing that has changed is the update (am using the CDN).

Any suggestions before I spend hours troubleshooting?

Much appreciated.

Can you repro on the playground? I can have a look even if nothing pops to my mind

Adding @sebavan who will be able to check starting this monday

Have you tried on a “nearly-empty” raw BJS scene, with just a basic sceneLoader + glowLayer, or only in your app?

Would be amazing to have a repro in the pkayground :slight_smile:

Here you go: Babylon.js Playground

Toggle the “testMe” variable to show working/not.

While putting this together, I realized the problem stems from creating a new instance of the “root” mesh. This technique worked just fine previously, but doesn’t appear to anymore.

A simplified version here where the original mesh and instanced mesh are side-by-side: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#P8DKAK#1

Perfect i ll fix it first thing monday, currently on the road :frowning:

No problem - thank you for all your hard work!

Something that may help finding the problem: setting scene.useRightHandedSystem = true; before loading the gltf makes it work.

The difference is that when useRightHandedSystem = true a single draw call is enough to draw both meshes, whereas when it is false two draw calls are issued to draw them in the regular canvas (but in this case only the main mesh is rendered into the RTT, that’s why the instanced mesh does not glow).

@Deltakosh do you remember of any optim on the instances side that might have not been ported to the effect renderer ?

Will be fixed in next nightly :slight_smile:


Thanks guys - I really appreciate all the hard work. I only picked up BabylonJS a few months ago but am very happy with it. I’ll be sure to share the project in April after our scheduled launch.


I can see it’s working well in the preview version, which I’ve opted to use instead of the “stable” version on the CDN. I’ve updated my script HTML tags to use the preview for the time being.

Thanks everyone!!

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