Issue with instances and the glow layer

I’m getting a strange behavior trying to make instances of a mesh made in blender. I’ll import the mesh and make it invisible.When I start making instances, they aren’t affected by the GlowLayer, but the emissive parts of the original mesh reappear in the center of the scene.

This only happens when the object was exported from blender with an Armature attached. I assume this has to do with the fact that the mesh is a child of the armature in blender, which is why I have to get the source mesh from NewMeshes[1] - I can’t make instances of the root mesh. Unless there’s some way in blender to get an animated model that isn’t the child of it’s rig, I don’t see a way around this. Regardless, if I export a partially emissive object with no Armature from blender and bring it into my scene, it works like you’d expect - the source mesh is invisible and the instances all glow like they’re supposed to.

All I’m trying to do is make instances of a glowing object with moving parts and its proving surprisingly difficult. Is this a bug or is there a way around it? Any help would be appreciated. I had more screencaps, but this only lets me use one.

Hi @Isaiah_muse and Welcome to the forum! Let see if @Drigax has an idea here.

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Hi @Isaiah_muse, It may be that the glow layer is not being properly transformed to align with all the mesh instances. I believe that @Evgeni_Popov has done alot of work with the glow layer and may have a better idea. But can you create a playground via that recreates this issue so that we can take a closer look?



@Drigax I made this one trying to find the issue, what would be the best way to have a 3d file hosted somewhere the playground could access it?

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@Isaiah_muse Great question! I usually host my assets via a github repo, and access it via

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@Drigax Here you go. As a bonus, the albedo texture isn’t showing either now

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Your albedo texture is black because you did not setup a light.

Also, the instances are by default created at the root level. You should parent them to the same parent than the master mesh for your PG to work:


So it seems like if I need each one to move independently from the others, I’d just have to clone the mesh?

You can just move the instances by modifying their position/rotation properties.

Ah. So I might be back with another issue before too long but thanks for your help