6.2 > 6.3 PhysicsAggregate with parent behavior change

Hello Travelers!

I thought I’d push through a sneeky upgrade this evening (00:46 now…the punishment continues). Moving babylonJS beyond version 6.2 to anything above is causing me intense pain.

6.2, parent or no parent I could create an physics aggreate for a mesh(mass:0, STATIC).
With 6.3, as you can see, things have exploded significantly, reminds me of the v1 parent issue with imposters.

I’m not 100% but I think it might be something to do with this change, I can’t see anything else in 6.3 that is related.



There is probably a joke about it all going “flipping” wrong :wink:

Thanks for the help as always!

@Cedric I’m going to tag you because there is a strong change that has nothing to do with the change I referenced, and I don’t want to impune you in anyway :wink:

Hi @potato_noob
Yes, I think that change is responsible for that bug. Sorry for that. The parenting feature is under fixing/development at the moment.

Until it’s released, you can stick with 6.2 or remove the parent of the mesh as a workaround.

Hello :potato:! I just saw this topic, have you updated since then? This PR [Physics] Better handling of parented bodies by carolhmj · Pull Request #13914 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (github.com) should have fixed a lot of the issues around parenting.


Hey carol, yeah, I got the upgrade done tonight, haven’t played with the parenting thing, I’m going to make some changes and see if I can bake out that root transform for GLBs, a tale for another day, but it looks good, thanks for thinking of me.

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