8thwall has support for babylonjs

Hi. I just found this site

which seems to have support for babylonjs.

I tried and it works prety well.
I don’t know who they are, I wanted only to share this with you :wink:


Yep, they provide a cool way to use AR features on most devices today without taking a hard dependency on the webXR api which is taking a while to standardize/release.

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Augmented reality for the web in less than 10 lines of html - with no costs!


Yes. I’m with one eye on webXR, but as you said it seems it’ll take a little bit :slight_smile:, meanwhile I’m trying to find other similar solutions

I know it for long time, but I want something markerless :yum:

I could swear that the link referred to a commercial page this morning… however… nice link, thank you! :slight_smile:

Welcome :wink:
I don’t want to promote somebody, or if I want then I’ll promote myself :smile:

offtopic… I spent last few months searching and experimenting with AR (in sparetime), and from what I found till now they are closest, not free, not open source but are using babylonjs and is markerless…


How stable is it compare to A-frame? i juest tried to place a cube with image targets but it never aligns to the target :frowning:

Hi. I don’t know, i didn’t try A-frame :frowning:

Very nice. It is like Pokemon Go.