A Book on the Maths of Vectors and Matrices

Would there be any interest in a book explaining the mathematics of 2D and 3D vectors and Matrices with links to Babylon.js PG examples? If so I might write one.


ping @PirateJC

This sounds like smthg I d happily read :slight_smile:

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@JohnK I think this would be an INCREDIBLE teaching tool to help people understand complex ideas with simple visual examples.

I’m fully supportive of this idea!

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Sounds very useful! Have a look at this repo that came out last month as it has interesting visualizations for matrix multiplication (ie: dot product):
kenjihiranabe/The-Art-of-Linear-Algebra: Graphic notes on Gilbert Strang’s “Linear Algebra for Everyone” (github.com)

edit: also I followed this tutorial ( Learn WebGL — LearnWebGL (brown37.net)), which keeps building on concepts and I found section 8.3 the best with perspectives even to Camera frustum/near/far and seeing HOW the matrices math all came together and that was really rewarding. I found tinkering with shaders was a really fun way to learn about the math as well.