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I would like to share here a discussion that @Mario_Sanchez started on github:

I just want to share with you all the project I’ve working for the lasts months using Babylon and react-babylon which is now live :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I think it’s a good example of product previewing and how you can use this wonderful libraries to do something that can be business oriented



nice work on the configurator :wink: works well , easy UI.

Some personal observations :

3D scene :

Some SSAO or even baked AO would really make the model look better. Baked AO is less process intensive but not flexible for interchanging parts obviously. I ued SSAO in my last configurator , version 2 as version 1 does not look to good.

From a site perspective :

the cookies accept aspect seemed very bulky and green haha
I would think the theme selector ( day/night ) should be site wide , not only the 3D scene background

Anyway great project! thanks for sharing


Ey @brianzinn thanks for share! I wasn’t aware that this category of the babylon forums even exist.

@shaderbytes thanks for the feedback! Really interested in that part of SSAO and baked AO that you are talking about. Do you mean applying an ambient oclussion effect in the 3D model (using blender o so) and exporting a GLTF files witht this effect already aplied? Alredy not played so much with SSAO pipelines yet, so I will take a look, any example or resource is very welcome :smiley:

Already a lot of concepts are not familiar enought for me, learnt a lot this last year about 3D and rendering, but still need to go deep in some aspects :slight_smile:

This is really nice and polished. UI is clean too.

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Weird this does not mention version 2 of SSAO and I dont find it in the docs…? Maybe some devs can chime in on why that is? @Deltakosh

Version 2 is the only acceptable version. Version 1 looks like a static overlay that doesnt update when moving the camera , like a dirty camera lens effect. You can click the example in the docs and see what im talking about , the AO is completely disconnected from the scene.

Anyway , its all the same code , just a different name contructor ( has a ‘2’ after SSAO ) :

new BABYLON.SSAO2RenderingPipeline

You can include a conditional to check for support :

if (BABYLON.SSAO2RenderingPipeline.IsSupported) { ... }

Also not in the docs is I found issues with transparency and via some help had to include this line :

this.scene.enableGeometryBufferRenderer().renderTransparentMeshes = false;

For baked AO yes , you can create a second UV set and bake the AO in blender. This is then applied to the material ( needs a special setup to export GLTF/GLB with AO from blender ) Search the forums , I posted about it and found the solution and shared.

Anyway all info here might be outdated as I did this all last year. But perhaps it is all still valid info


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ssao2 is supported by react-babylonjs – interesting to read about the changes you added as well. anyway, you can add it with just a declarative:

<ssao2RenderingPipeline />

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@msDestiny14 thanks!! :smiley:

@shaderbytes h thanks! I will take a look an try how it can help :slight_smile: I will search in the forums for the AO solution you posted, thanks for the hint!

@brianzinn thanks! I didn’t remember this, but also wasn’t sure how it could help me neither, will take a look!

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This looks amazing! Love the animations, everything feels super smooth.

Unfortunately the framerate did struggle a bit on my laptop (Thinkpad X1), but weirdly enough it ran great on my phone (Samsung S10+) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@DarraghBurke thanks for yout comment!

Yes is something I also have experimented in my Dell XPS. It runs in a 20-30 FPS average, but in my phone (anything fancy, Xiaomi P9) it runs just smooth. Of course in my desktop PC wich is a gaming device it runs just perfect.

It something I have to dig in :thinking: I though it’s a GPU issue, but other babylon demos runs just well so idk.

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@PirateJC and @thomlucc will love it :slight_smile:


Nice work folks! This is awesome!

Any objection to me adding it to the community page?

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Not at all! :smiley:

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Added! This will be live on the community page in a few minutes:


Woah! Thanks for sharing ^^

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