A shadowGenerator wrong

About one year ago we successfully achieve our goals. But today we found that there are something wrong with our web page. The shadowGenerator get wrong. When const a shadowGenerator it’s OK, but once I try to add a mesh into the renderList like


the matter happened.

It confuse me that it use to work for a long time, besides the code it’s also the same like the code in the playground. But now it got wrong.

Here is the codes:

        shadowGenerator.addShadowCaster(scene.meshes[0], true);

Here is the log:

BJS - [15:08:25]: Unable to compile effect:
logger.js?15f3:43 BJS - [15:08:25]: Uniforms: world, view, viewProjection, vEyePosition, vLightsType, vAmbientColor, vDiffuseColor, vSpecularColor, vEmissiveColor, visibility, vFogInfos, vFogColor, pointSize, vDiffuseInfos, vAmbientInfos, vOpacityInfos, vReflectionInfos, vEmissiveInfos, vSpecularInfos, vBumpInfos, vLightmapInfos, vRefractionInfos, mBones, vClipPlane, vClipPlane2, vClipPlane3, vClipPlane4, vClipPlane5, vClipPlane6, diffuseMatrix, ambientMatrix, opacityMatrix, reflectionMatrix, emissiveMatrix, specularMatrix, bumpMatrix, normalMatrix, lightmapMatrix, refractionMatrix, diffuseLeftColor, diffuseRightColor, opacityParts, reflectionLeftColor, reflectionRightColor, emissiveLeftColor, emissiveRightColor, refractionLeftColor, refractionRightColor, vReflectionPosition, vReflectionSize, logarithmicDepthConstant, vTangentSpaceParams, alphaCutOff, boneTextureWidth, vDetailInfos, previousWorld, previousViewProjection, vLightData0, vLightDiffuse0, vLightSpecular0, vLightDirection0, vLightFalloff0, vLightGround0, lightMatrix0, shadowsInfo0, depthValues0, viewFrustumZ0, cascadeBlendFactor0, lightSizeUVCorrection0, depthCorrection0, penumbraDarkness0, frustumLengths0, vLightData1, vLightDiffuse1, vLightSpecular1, vLightDirection1, vLightFalloff1, vLightGround1, lightMatrix1, shadowsInfo1, depthValues1, viewFrustumZ1, cascadeBlendFactor1, lightSizeUVCorrection1, depthCorrection1, penumbraDarkness1, frustumLengths1, diffuseSampler, ambientSampler, opacitySampler, reflectionCubeSampler, reflection2DSampler, emissiveSampler, specularSampler, bumpSampler, lightmapSampler, refractionCubeSampler, refraction2DSampler, boneSampler, detailSampler, shadowSampler0, depthSampler0, shadowSampler1, depthSampler1

Hey and welcome! do you mind sharing a Playground that reproes the issue?

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Hello @Jasper are you still having issues? If so, can you provide us with a playground so we can look into it?