How to make an infinity of Sphere and make them rotate around like stars at sky

hi guys I’m new to babylon js

can anyone help me out with this

how to make an infinity of Sphere and make them rotate around

Define “infinity” ?

hello @Deltakosh @Blake thank you for you’re reply

what I’m expecting is like this

a lot of spheres which can move freely everywhere

Ok:) I would recommend to use instances or even thin instances: Thin Instances | Babylon.js Documentation (

@Deltakosh thank you for replying

its going towards the left hand side but I need them to move freely everywhere with low quantity of spheres

the spheres are not moving here, the camera is.

You need to change their positions every frame to position them where you want.

@sebavan thank you for your reply
therefore can you please define it b’cause I didn’t get you

You should first have a read at our doc to be more familiar with the various terminology we are using on the forum: Welcome to Getting Started with Babylon.js | Babylon.js Documentation

Also how familiar are you with 3d? js ? in general. This could help adapting our answers.


i am not sure that can be useful or not but just wanna share it

hi @nasimiasl thank you for you’re reply
and its so mean :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

but what I’m looking forward is like

take a look at this video guys, thank you

That’s more like a snow particle system effect.

Take a look at Particle System Intro | Babylon.js Documentation

And you can search for code playgrounds like say this one:

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I am very greatful for all you’re response! @nasimiasl @sebavan @Deltakosh

this is what I was looking forward thx @inteja

but can you suggest me how that magnetic Behavior that’s done through Particle when its hovered can you guys take a look at this example guys

I’m been doing such things so

Looking carefully at that link, it doesn’t seem to be using any kind of magnetic attraction as such. This effect could be achieved simply by rotating and moving the camera in response to the current pointer screen XY position.

I’ve been going through all the documentation in Babylon js camera section but I didn’t find such things so far :tired_face: