A thought about snippets saves (going the distance)


It’s been a while I have been thinking about this method of saving immutable snippets links.
As BJS grows with more and more PGs, more editors and more immutable snippets, I was just wondering…

Being, I believe, a somewhat ‘organized’ person, I always tend to feel a bit ‘unconfortable’ saving a new version snippet of what I know will be just an ‘intermediate version’. Thus generating a new snippet link that can be assimilated to any ‘final’ or ‘published’ version.

As a result, I often hold back from making this save and sometimes (accidentally) without doing this save, I refresh the page and incidentally, loose all my progress. In addition, I couldn’t help but notice the increasing number of versions on some PGs or NME snippets, with versioning numbers going over a thousand. Only few of which are actual ‘final’ or ‘published’ versions and it seems that there’s absolutely no way to make a distinction between one of these ‘intermediate’ saves and a ‘must have’ final version.

So, of course, I’m totally committed to the method of making all of these cloud saves immutable. I believe it’s a great asset of BJS, it’s part of the culture and it drives trust and confidence.
But then, does this mean that there is no better option than to simply accumulate all these links WITHOUT DISTINCTION forever? I’d rather think not.

Thinking of this a bit further, I recently had this idea I wanted to share here. What if…?:

  • We would add an option to the ‘save to snippet’ to save it either as an ‘intermediate’ or ‘published’ version. The only difference being that the ‘published’ snippet would have one more versioning identifier and could be tagged as ‘published’.

In my case, having this option of saving identified as ‘intermediate’ versions would make me more confident saving my progress more often. It would increase my UX and decrease this feeling of being ‘guilty’ of somehow ‘poluting’ the system with links I perfectly know are not ‘distributable’ in the current state.

Any thought you Guys have about this?

Meanwhile, have ALL a great day :sunglasses:


Hey there! That’s an interesting idea :thinking: We don’t control the API we use to save the snippets to, but I think we could implement this on our side, it would just require some changes on the appropriate places. You mentioned the PG, but what about the NME, GUI Editor and ACE? I think the “published” option could be applied to them, also.

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I believe I did mention NME and overall mentioned ‘editors’ (including the GUI). Must be my broken english, sorry for that. But then yes, indeed, the idea is to have it (or something similar) for all of these.

Oh no, you did mention it! Sorry for that, it’s my short attention span :rofl: