Playground login using forum account

Hello there,

I’m not sure how difficult this would be but I think it would be good to be able to login to the playground using your forum account login details.
This would be good as it would allow people to be able to save their creations against their accounts and modify them again later.
I don’t know about anyone else but I always lose track of my creations.

There are a number of online code editors like CodePen, StackBlitz and CodeSandbox, there all have accounts.

What do you think?

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See Playground public private snippets

Thanks I did not see this.

The difference I can see if that I am not saying playground creations should be private, I just think you could save them against an account so people can remember their creation and bookmark/favourite things they like.
I have already bookmarked a few playground creations.
Also creations will have a owner, so if you are working on a big scene then you can save and modify later, as oppose to save and create a new one each time.


Place your user name in the PG tags metadata and you can search for the ones you wrote. It would be nice to do a search on tags and title at the same time though.

During the development of a PG I copy and paste PG code into a text editor and save it locally rather than saving lots of PG versions.

Just my weirdness .


That’s a neat trick :wink: