A thought about the future of UI/UX in the next-gen Internet

Dear fellow BJS’ers,

I don’t know if you are like me but, personally - since around 2013-2014, I’m feeling more and more concerned with just about every interaction I do in-game or in-site.

It’s not a secret that marketing and the digital marketing teams have taken over mostly all of our interactions in the digital world. Today, clicking a button to perform the action stated in this button does a lot more than just what’s in the text or icon. And, in a way, historically, this was kind of OK. But when it comes to the point where, on this click, the absolute priority in the processing of my request IS NOT to perform the requested action/interaction, but rather to push/force perform a serie of background processes only backed-up by 30 pages of EULA and privacy policies, this is slowly getting beyond the acceptable. Not to mention that, for this to happen, unbelievable and unacceptable alliances have been made and are still on.

When this happens and whenever I notice it, I feel this is a treachery. Not only does it impact my user or gamer’s experience, it also makes me question my relation and the digital culture I’m sharing with this provider/editor.

It’s not a secret, I’m not a youngster :older_adult: and I’m also an all-times gamer. I have started playing games since… games :joystick: :wink: I have also contributed to the raise of the first Internet, first css and everything that came after until today. Of course, since around 2007, I had this feeling that we were slowly going a slippery path. I had my fears and doubts and in 2009, decided to create my own digital communication agency to try counter this dynamic or at least, offer an alternative. Let’s just say I haven’t been very successful with this.

A decade later, in 2019, as I was just that close to give up, I discovered Babylon.js. I found a community of dedicated people sharing a same vision for the next-gen Internet. I found an open framework versatile and reliable enough to sustain an alternative in order to build a true digital culture. I found a promising (still young) UI/GUI that apparently was willing to support this vision of a digital experience and relation.

Shameless teaser: I somehow understood and suspected that the adventure on the redefining of UX/UI with the Babylon GUI will not stop here. I somehow believe that, very shortly, the Babylon team and Microsoft will perform the necessary efforts to push the BJS GUI to the level of UX where it will be, in truth, able to replace the actual standards for our apps and projects.

With this in mind, the purpose of my thought and this post today is the following:
“When this will happen (and believe me, it will happen), it will be our responsibility as devs, PMs, project leaders, designers, consultants, specialists of the digital realm and Babylon.js experts, ambassadors or contributors - to ensure that we are making good use of the new UX capabilities of the BJS UI.”

My only hope here is that we will all be loyal enough, strong enough, resilient enough, to not choose the easy path, the fake path, the treachery path. Let us all remain true to the spirit and digital culture initiated by the founders and support the next-generation, trusted and trustable, Internet, Gaming and overall digital offer and relation with Babylon.js.

Happy BJS’ing everyone and don’t forget that there’s no better time to learn how to better use the BJS GUI than during this summer 2022. :sun_with_face: :parasol_on_ground:


Interesting post :slight_smile:

So spoiler alert: There is no way we add anything related to marketing, tracker or whatsoever in Bjs code. It would be over my dead body

That being said, I would love to get more details on that:

So would I :wink: Don’t worry, so far, it’s just a thought of mine :thinking: (but my thoughts on this kind of topic mostly happened to become a reality). We’ll see… In any case, I’m really glad to hear your answer for everything purely marketing related in the (pretendingly) UX. :chart_with_upwards_trend: I would have said the same: Over my dead body.

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