Future of html5 games

Hey everyone. I hope you are doing well. As I am on the road, I thought to start a topic which for me is quite interesting.

Since I have been looking at BJS and what we can do in the web I have always thought that the future for every non triple A game is in the browser.

This is what I have foreseen and I think in about 5 years the mobile and desktop market will turn heavily in the web. What do you guys think?


From the great Input of Wignut I am dividing the topic in possible blocks for html5 games future.

  1. Definition of success (financial? moral? self-satisfaction?)
  2. Independence/freedom
  3. Performance - physics and multi-threads
  4. Security/hack-ability
  5. Target audience (and their wallet levels)

Heh. An overwhelming response, eh? (sorry)

I was touring the list of weekend un-answered Q&A sub-forum questions, and came across this. thx for the mention. Sorry for the slow replies.

Moral success? That’s a big-daddy subject. I think there’s just a few of us… that place moral success as a higher priority than all other definitions of success. There’s been railroadings and programmings. But really, it affects ALL of it… or, in other words… “primary life purpose”. It’s a huge subject that few want to consider/talk about. It’s understandable that the def of success leans heavily towards financial, seeing that the cost-of-living is terrorizing SO MANY.

Someone could ask one’s self… if it is more important to get nice games into the hands of people who have little enjoyments and opportunities in their lives… and do it as cost-free as possible. And we’re not ONLY talking about obtaining games for the down-trodden to play and smile-about, but also those other categories of moral success… getting the down-trodden empowered to MAKE a decent game and get that self-satisfaction happiness.

Not ALWAYS true, but most-times, when you code to make money… you want to wipe-out the competition, and soak the customer for “whatever the market will bear” and carry the “there’s nothing wrong with making a good profit” belief (lie)… securely under your arm. (well hugged as truth).

I THINK I see trends leaning-towards wiping-out “the other guy” to maximize personal profits and keep “little guys” from ever becoming big guys (and thus becoming a threat to your devoted client base). We live in a world that appears to MOSTLY condone competing and gouging… instead of empowering the little guys and helping them find some happiness.

I have been spanked for talking about these things on this forum, so I guess I should stop, here.

All this happens… well-before any other “games” considerations… and I’m glad you placed this topic #1 on your list… appropriately.

#2 - same things apply. Independence from money WORRIES (and from slaving in a game company to alleviate those worries)? Or independence from using/needing money at all (abolish economies/ownership/price-tags and operating like all other living creatures on the planet… none of which use those things). True freedom would only be possible… when money/bills/ownership/price-tags… are gone. It needs to happen soon, or the world will explode (imho).

#3. Will single threaded JS EVER keep-up-with multi-tasking games? Unlikely. Therefore, non-JS games will always be more popular and better perfoming than JS games. I don’t foresee that ever changing.

#4. Hacking/cracking is not a big concern… unless you are selling games… and you don’t want people to get free versions. We MIGHT see a “pay if you can” system, someday, but often, the well-to-do didn’t get there by voluntarily paying for enjoyments. Often, the folks with the most money… are the ones least-likely to share it with others. In their eyes, and many others’ eyes… competing is much more important and programmed into their brains… than cooperating is.

#5. Yeah, targeting the money… vs. targeting the folk who have very few enjoyments in their lives. If cost-of-living is hounding/extorting/or-elsing the game author… they will want-to/NEED-to… gouge and soak, and target the money trail. As inflation keeps going crazy, and we get less and less quantity/quality for the bux… the need to bill/gouge/soak will become more necessary. Trendings have been seen in this direction… for many many years, now.

So you see… HOW #1 is answered… affects the answers to the other 4 points. If moral success is a higher priority than financial success, the last 4 points get answered very differently… than if financial success is the highest priority.

I HIGHLY APPLAUD YOU for even bringing-up moral success as a factor. Few have the balls to do that… as it is such a seemingly highly-blindered/forsaken factor. Few/No companies have a morals or ethics dept/chief.

Yeah, I know, heavy topics, eh? I wouldn’t be surprised if my talking like this… gets this post censored away. Blinders, ya know? Nobody wants to hear anything except “everything is fine”, whether it is or not. People are very reluctant to loosen hugs on beloved teddy bears/beliefs/self-lies.

How dare anyone question the status-quo. Many say “hey, that’s life” or “it’s just the way it is” or “it is what it is”… and few will say “it’s the way we’ve allowed it to become”.


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