Ability to change line material (eg.: for animated line shader)

From what I can see looking at the BabylonJS code, currently there is no option to change line shader material.

Is that intentional. It would be nice to enable developers to do so, so we could port shader effects like animated lines.

Any chance we can get that in?

Well I’m not opposed to make it a writeable property

Wanna do a PR?

Ha! Thanks @Deltakosh. I have started coding bespoke line mesh for my game project. I guess PR should have been my first thought. Yes, I will happily give it a shot. I am bit concerned about test coverage in Babylon though. Will try not to break anything. :nerd_face:


no worries we do have a robust system in place :slight_smile:

@Deltakosh PR created. I believe it should have enough info explaining both intentions and changes. Give me a shout if anything is missing.

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:wink: It is good system but clearly not for my macbook pro, after 1 hour long build Firefox crashes failing visual diff test, I had a glimpse of 112+ passing.

I know it is not discussion for this thread and yes, Babylon is AMAZING!!! Community too.
…but guys, we really need more instant build feedback loop. Current setup makes it very difficult to contribute.

Thanks for git comments @Evgeni_Popov I can’t figure out what’s wrong from Azure logs and honestly can’t wait an hour locally to see “missing semicolon” error. :scream:

Hopefully I am just doing something totally wrong. I am going to leave that PR hanging for now. Hopefully someone else has a bit more patience. Will try to find some time during the weekend but really not looking forward to launching build command again. :fearful:

You can have instant check with “npm run start”
It will literally serve everything for you as soon as you update a file

The npm run build is only at the very end to run all the checks

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also I’m sure you read it but just in case: Start Contributing to Babylon.js | Babylon.js Documentation

Appreciated @Deltakosh I have run through docs already last night but will go through them more thoroughly during the weekend.

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