Ability to switch engine and webGL versions in sandbox

Hey folks,

Just wondering, is it possible we can add button for users to choose which engine and webgl version will be used? Like the one in playground?

We ran into situations to test same gltf file’s compatibility under different engine and webgl versions. If we can have this feature it would be great time saver.

Many thanks

We do not plan that on the sandbox right now but if someone is motivated to do a PR I would be super glad to review it

Gotcha. Thank you for the response! Hope some experts will come to help soon! :laughing:

It’s not a button, but you can choose the WebGpuEngine in the url - you could do something like that as well without too much effort for webgl version:
Babylon.js/renderingZone.tsx at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (github.com)



Aha. That makes sense. Thank you so much for tip!!