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I want to try facial animation in sandbox.But I’m having a bit of a problem and I can’t tell which part is wrong.First, I added a bone to the model’s mouth in 3dsmax, then did a simple animation to make her mouth stand out and recover, and then panned the overall model to the left. Next, I used the 3dsmax exporter to convert the format to glb and import it into sandbox. Finally, in sandbox, I can only see the overall model panning, but not the mouth animation I made. I would like to ask if it is a problem with the export tool settings or the glb format or something else unknown?

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@Guillaume_Pelletier could definitely help with this, but it would be great if you could share your max file for him to have a look

Sure, my MAX is the 2019 version, FBX I converted to the 2015 version and I packed them in a zip file.Thank you for your advice~
test.zip (675.5 KB)

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Seem it’s a problem with the exporter. Animation are correct when exported with the Babylon format, but work partially when the object is skinned and exported as GLTF/GLB. I will have a look on it.
(Edit 1) - For the bones, and the Babylon format, the matricesIndices and matricesWeight are clearly in cause here. And Because GLTF export is based on primary Babylon export, if the first is wrong then the other will suffer from similar issues

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Sorry for the time difference reason only now reply to you.Do you mean I should upgrade my exporter to the highest version? I’m sorry I don’t know if I understand correctly, or is this a bug?I just tried exporting in babylon format and the animation is only panning to the left without the mouth animation

I still have a question when I put the model on mixamo, he also automatically processed the model skin, using the same exporter, why the model is normally animated in the sandbox at this time.

I seem to have accidentally succeeded in solving this problem, I used morpher in 3dsmax, then converted to FBX to blender and then exported glb, then there is animation in sandbox, but I exported this max file directly through exporter and there is no animation 。。。。。

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Hey @yi_jin
Thanks for the infos. It seem there is an issue into the exporter which is bind the bone to the whole mesh, then prevent any animation to visually occur.
I will investigate further.
Happy to hear you find a workarround, but stay tuned, we gona fix it soon.

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Hi @Guillaume_Pelletier just checking in, has the fix already been merged?

I did not, just fix others issues with the last merge.

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Hello guy’s,
I had time tis WE to have a look. Whats hapening here is a comon behavior when a mesh has a skeleton with ONE bone only. Consequently there is no fallback to mesh bone indices (such 0) to define a NO influenced vertices. Both in Babylon format and GLTF. You may add a root bone at the origin to overcome this difference between autodesk skin engine and Babylon/GLTF.
We understand that sometime you may not have the hand on the model, so we may think of giving the option to do this at export time, but not in the pipe right now.


I just tried it and when I set multiple bones the animation worked, thanks~

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