About the BRDF texture

Hi folks, I am just curious about the brdf environment texture. In IBL baker, the Schlick brdf texture is as below:

But the base64 one in babylonjs is decoded as below

While it seems that we can apply directly the radiance map output of IBLBaker for babylonjs. Can anyone explain why we have such a difference? Is it just a different way of encoding NdotV and Roughness?


That’s because in Babylonjs the blue channel holds the sheen BRDF lookup table.

Also it is meant to use with energy conservation explaining the differennce. You can see how they look here : https://www.babylonjs.com/tools/ibl in the brdf button bottom right.

Thank you Sebastien. It is a fantastic tool. I didn’t know that we had some many different versions of brdf textures. Do you know where I can find a good summary which list the exact equations of these encoding methods?