Add ability to change basis script urls to host locally

Basically if I lose internet my app ceases to work since I am now relying heavily on basis textures.

Currently as far as I can tell the Basis tools class isn’t exposed anywhere, so I am unable to change the script urls to point to a local copy of the tools.

PR for it: expose BasisTools class for configuring JSModuleURL and WasmModuleURL by jasonayre · Pull Request #7178 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

Thanks for that!

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@Deltakosh any chance we could get a npm package publish for a 4.1.4 beta version, in the next couple of days? (so I don’t have to mod my projects webpack temporarily to account for changes of pointing my local at github/master and master being the 4.0.3 release by default)

I will on monday

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Thank you!