Can one load .basis textures while offline?

I am using a .basis texture, and when I inspect the network waterfall in the Dev Tools, I see Babylon make a request to and I was wondering since these resources are loaded from the web, does it mean Babylon can only load .basis files while offline. And if so is there a way to manually link these dependencies?

You can set the file loader to load those files from your local server, thus making it available offline. You will need to deliver the files locally somehow though (a local webserver?) because they are needed in order to decode the data


And how do you do that exactly

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The class BasisTools has two parameters you can change:

     * URL to use when loading the basis transcoder
    public static JSModuleURL = "";
     * URL to use when loading the wasm module for the transcoder
    public static WasmModuleURL = "";

These are the URLs used when loading both files. Those can be any valid URL you wish (even a base64 data URL).

I am not sure how you project is setup, so it is hard for me to say how you should do that in your own project, but either import BasiscTools or set BABYLON.BasiscTools.??? to be the right local URL

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Oh thanks a lot, now I can just have those files within my project. And it automatically works even offline

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And by the way shouldn’t this be documented here, maybe someone tried loading a basis texture and failed because of a bad internet connection. Maybe it should be mentioned in the docs somewhere. Maybe here

It’s documented in the API of BasisTools - BasisTools | Babylon.js Documentation ( , but I agree that there is room for improvement in the .basis support section :slight_smile:

We accept PRs! :slight_smile:

@PirateJC FYI regarding docs

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Maybe I can help


@RaananW I’m having the same issue. Tried clicking on the link you sent and its blank. Was it moved to a different location? Thanks

This link seems to be broken, but I searched for “BasisTools” on the docs page and found a working one: BABYLON | Babylon.js Documentation (

We always appreciate PRs for documentation! :smiley:

Huh. Nothing showed up when I searched. Thanks for the link!

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