Basis compression only works on BabylonJS 5.0.0 alpha?

Does Basis texture compression only work with 5.0.0 alpha? I created this playground

to test Basis compression on both ipad and desktop for skyboxes. The etc1s basis format works on both ipad and desktop, the uastc format does not work for either. But etc1s only works in the playground. I tried using it in my app, and it didn’t work. I narrowed it down to the fact that my app is using Babylon 4.2.0 and the playground I was testing on is using 5.0.0-alpha.61. (you can switch between these in the playground by pressing one of the buttons at the top right of the playground UI, as I’m sure you know.

Is there a way to get basis compression for skyboxes to work in 4.2.0? Or do I need to update my codebase to 5.0.0-alpha? Thanks!

A find on page search for “basis” on Babylon.js/what's at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub for v5.0.0

brings up

Fix error handling in basis texture loading (RaananW) and
Fix issue with wrong definition of a returned BASIS format (RaananW)

which would indicate that 5.0.0 alpha is needed.

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It should work on both 4.2 and 5.0, but I did fix a wrong texture assignment lately which might influence your iphone if using 4.2.

You can see that the playground does work in both current and 4.2 versions. What error do you get when using 4.2?


huh. Thanks @RaananW Just last night I was trying 4.2.0 and it was loading black. But when I switched to 4.2.0 this morning it works. It still turns black when loaded in in my app, and I use the same code, but babylon 4.2.0. Is there an alternative way to do it in 4.2.0 besides how I have it set up? Thanks

This is what shows up:

Looks like the sky refections are being added to the metal part of the chairs, but the skybox itself is being rendered black

it’s hard to see without reproducing this on the playground. Are you using the latest basis decoder version as well?

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Hi there @johntdaly7 just checking in, did you get it working on 4.2? Or is there anything we can help out more?