Add downloadMesh function to the playground snippets?

Heya, I wonder if the mesh-downloading function from the docs could be added to the control-space snippets available on the playground? I’ve been using it fairly regularly (to load meshes that are created in code onto the NME), maybe others would use it too? :slight_smile:

Assuming I understand what you mean, you can do this from the inspector.

Buttons for Export to Babylon and Export to GLB

Or do you mean add the code to the list? If so, maybe submit a PR? :slight_smile:

Babylon.js/templates.json at fcba2821a6db8df577bc6e77c789ed1a017238ba · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (

The function is actually for downloading just one mesh, not the whole scene, which can’t be done with the Inspector AFAIK…

Well if it still seems like a good idea in the morning I’ll make a little PR for it then… Ooh and thanks for the URL reference for where to add it, that was my next question. :slight_smile: