WebXR (alien controllers, MOVEMENT, required feature not compatible)


  1. I am using an Oculus Rift CV1 helmet and oculus touch conrollers.
  2. @ babylon/core module and React according to this instruction Babylon.js and React | Babylon.js Documentation

I have several problems:

  1. In demo XR examples I see my oculus touch. But, locally on my computer, I see some other strange white controllers with one button.

  2. In this example from the site (Babylon.js Playground) , walking is working correctly, but there is no MOVEMENT property in my WebXRFeatureName object

  3. I get required feature not compatible error when I try to use HAND_TRACKER feature

About the controllers - they are coming from a repository located online, which you can host yourself offline. If no controller is available, the genetic controller is initialized. And this is what you see.
What version of Babylon are you using? You should use the latest preview of you want to see the newly developed features
Hand tracker only works when your device supports hand tracking. The oculus rift doesn’t. The quest and quest 2 do.

I hope this helps!

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i am using "@babylonjs/core":"^4.2.0"

i have installed latest 5.0.0-alpha.48 and it has MOVEMENT

One other thing is also required, and that is to also have the Babylon Loader module. The custom controllers are stored in glTF. It took me till I figured out remote debugging to know why I did not get them, since I do not use that.


Thanks for the answer. You have automatically answered my next question on the forum