Adding games to a basic website


I made a site called Swarzie ( that was built in HTML & PHP. It’s meant to be a directory for gaming developers. For now I just have people uploading pics from their work but would came up with the idea of letting folks upload their games so others can play. In short I want to have create the “Games” section of this site for my website. How to go about doing that…is there som code I can add in?


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Good idea!

It could be possible to make with BabylonPress plugin for Wordpress.
See demo here -
The code will be published soon.

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Thank ya for the kind words Sir @labris💖

I don’t think this would work with what I have due to my site not being WP based. I wonder if folks can just embed code on the site.

Folks should have some rights restriction to do that, otherwise it is not secure.
Also, the code should be sanitized before execution.
The simplest thing is to embed through iframes from user folders.

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You know what after I responded to you I did some research and thought of embed code. It’s simple a members can easily add their games on their profile pages.

Since the site is still very new I want to keep it simple by adding a few elements now and then hopefully as it gets traction add more😊

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Normally I despise game launchers, but in the case of open webGL I make an exception, great idea, you can definitely make it happen.

This is a long overdue throwback from ex. Newgrounds. (Flash games)

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Thank ya Sir @withADoveInOneHand❤️

I thought it would make the site a tad more interesting. I’ve seen sites where the webmaster adds the games themselves but I felt adding an Iframe will allow members to add their own work.