Adding new textures/materials/skins to Git Repo


Creating a tiny world and wanted my houses to not look the same. Tried to add roof and face texture/materials to test in PG and wasn’t able to.

Also downloaded animated characters from Mixamo and would like to see add Woman/Man texture skins to them. Is that possible to work with in BJS?

Thank ya :relaxed:

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Basically how to contribute to the repo?

Here’s the relevant docs:

Google and/or documentation search is your friend :wink:


Contributions would be happily accepted but you’d need to take care with contributing assets (textures etc) because they will likely be rejected if the provenance (licence) can’t be established.

Thanks for the links!

You must ensure there is no license attached to it and thus you are allowed to copy it on our repo

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Hey @Deltakosh :blush:

I was told by @sebavan to add to the “Asset” folder after trying to add in “Playground” so created a pull request last night. Don’t know if they went through.

That’s ok but my point stands: Are you allowed to move them there by their creator?

You closed the PR @Mekaboo before we merged it :slight_smile:

And as @Deltakosh said you can not copy assets here which under another license or not allowed by their creator

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Yes I was👍

So sorry about that…will do it again and I understand…dont want anything negative to happen :relaxed:


As @inteja mentioned earlier, you don’t need to add assets to the GitHub repo to see them in your playground. You can host them anywhere you like :slight_smile: Check out this article for some easy ways to do that: Using External Assets In the Playground | Babylon.js Documentation (

Of course, contributions are always welcome, but it’s definitely a slower process since you need to check the licensing and go through review first. If you self host your assets you can see them in your PG in minutes!

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