After LoadAssetContainer scene becomes dark

I have a problem that appears to be with the lights but upon checking this they are not changed.

Basically after executing a LoadAssetContainer in the current scene it becomes dark. In the imported assets (babylon) there is only one material.

Do you have any ideas?

Thank you

I found something seems to be the enviromenttexture! When i export from sandbox it is included. Why?

The environment texture is not part of a .glb/.gltf file, you should load and assign it to scene.environmentTexture yourself in the PG.

yes. For load only materials i can’t use a glb because it needs a mesh. A babylonjs can contain only materials. How i can avoid when loadassets to import automatically the enviroment texture?


You mean you export your file to a .babylon file?

In that case, you should remove/disable the environment texture through the inspector and export the scene. I think the env texture won’t be added to the file in that case.