Am I able to apply the same skeleton to multiple different meshes (body parts of the same character)?

As the title says, I want to use a single skeleton to animate multiple parts of a character in harmony. Currently, I have a control rig glb which contains a mesh of the entire character along with a skeleton and animations for that character. Then, I have separate glbs which are the head, torso, and legs of the character (this is to allow customisation of each section of the character). All the glbs have exported from Maya, and have the same underlying skeleton. Is it possible to apply the skeleton from the control rig to each of the 3 body part meshes, and therefore have them follow along with the control rig animations?

I’m pretty new to Babylon and 3d programming, so I don’t mind answering any questions to clarify what I’m asking.

I do not think it is possible to do this.

I guess technically, it should be possible but I am not sure the export tools would provide the required informations mapped to a common skeleton.

@PatrickRyan our awesome artist might have some more clues.

Gotcha, thanks for the super quick reply. Do you have any suggestions for alternative methods for how I might achieve a customisation system like this (i.e. ability to customize each body part separately and have the body animate harmoniously)?

As long as you use the same skeleton for all meshes, it shouldn’t be a problem.
Every mesh should be skinned using the entire skeleton, so even the head mesh needs the leg bones.
I have only done this using the .babylon file-format, but I don’t see why glb would be any different

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This is good to know, thanks. I’ve realised that when I export the individual body parts using the Maya Babylon exporter plugin, only part of the skeleton gets included (e.g., the legs only include the leg bones, head only includes head and face, etc.). Would anyone know how to ensure that the entire skeleton is exported with each body part?

Are you sure all the bones are indeed included in your skin?
What I usually do is add the leg bones, adjust weights and finally add all additional bones from the skeleton. Then I export the mesh along with the complete skeleton. This works with 3Ds Max.

In Maya, all the bones are included in the skin - they all show in the viewer and in the asset explorer. The problem seems to occur during the export process :confused:

@cdmoss Do you have a PG repro of your issue? This would help in being able to debug what you are seeing.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to provide anything too detailed due to NDA concerns. But I can provide basic screenshots of the skeletons to illustrate the situation.

What I expect to get as a skeleton for each exported body part (head, legs, torso)

What I actually get from the exporter



Thanks again to everyone for all the feedback on this issue :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you exporting selected objects only? If so and you want the entire skeleton to export with your mesh, then make sure you do a hierarchy select on the entire skeleton (or expand out the skeleton hierarchy and then shift + select all bones, then select your meshes for export and then you should get everything.

Hmm, yeah I tried exporting with “Export only selected” toggled and selecting all bones and meshes, and with it not toggled. Same result. I’ll have to keep trying some other things.

Did you find a solution for this?

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