Animation FBX with .CSV files and .WAV file how to use them?

Hi there,
Look at the files that i have got from a guy related to Animations of a Human character:

so how should we use these data to make this character stand in a 3d room which i have already created.

There’s no FBX loader in Babylon, so you would need first to convert the file to a .gltf, .obj or .stl file (gltf being the preferred one).

You can use Blender to import the .fbx and export to .gltf.

Once you have a gltf file, you can use something like that to display it:

Regarding your other files, except for voice.wav which is a sound, they won’t be usable “as is” in Babylon because they don’t correspond to supported file format (.csv files could be anything textual - you need to open them and see what they contain, and snippet has no extension, so could be anything too, even binary).