Animation with different behavior babylon vs glb

Hey guys,

I’m having a problem with an old animated character.
I exported it as babylonjs file, as glb and as glb with draco compression.
First file is working great, but second and third file have some mistakes which is more visible on legs.
Please if you can help me somehow, I got those models from a 3d artist and I don’t know what to tell him, …what is wrong :frowning:

I did 2 pg to show - babylonjs file - glb file

Files are here too:

And here you’ll find max file which generate those files and a video to show the problem.

Thank you :wink:

Have you tried to display your glb file into another gltf/glb viewer and see if it works there?

Given your video, it seems there are 100 frames in the anim of the .babylon file whereas only 3.33 in the .glb…

Adding @bghgary to double check the gltf file in case smthg is suspicious :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks.
Yes, I tried it in few different viewers with the same result.

Later edit,
I think I found the problem - export the object and the skeleton. I don’t know why, but looks like if I export only the object all good

So updated links - this was exported only geometry, I mean I selected the object in 3ds Max and on export I choose to export only selected, and this work good. without compression - this was a normal export, without to enable ‘only selected’ on export. without compression - babylon file. I don’t know why the animation is not starting… It is working good on the project

Adding @Drigax and @bghgary as it seems it could be an exporter issue if the result is consistently weirs cross viewers.

@sebavan, one more thing please.
Am I an idiot or …I don’t know, but I’m not able to start the animation of the character in the playground with babylonjs file. I tried few times without succes
(I didn’t use babylon files for long time, but I cann’t belive I forgot this :frowning:)

It is weird I can not see the animations in the skeleton in the babylon file image

Lets see what @bghgary finds :slight_smile:

Is this a .babylon file problem now? I’m a bit lost on this thread. Are we saying the GLB is working and the Babylon file is not? The two PGs with GLBs look the same to me.

We’ll see later about babylon file.
Actually the main problem is with glb files and export option

And I updated the pgs to show better the problem

Can you explain the two PGs? I don’t know what to look for.

Yes. The issue is the movement of body. I the first pg it is ok, but in the second it is waveing

I thought I was blind because I could not see any differences between both PGs, so I made a single PG with both models:

I can’t see any differences between both animations.

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My thoughts exactly. I don’t know what is the problem. Is it a very subtle difference?

Ok, it is a subtle difference:

You will see the body of both models don’t move exactly the same way: if you load two times the same model (ch1 or ch2), you will see they move exactly in sync. look at legs from this position.

Ok thanks! What is the difference in export steps between these two?

ch1 - exported only the geometry, I ment I selected only the object in 3ds Max and on export I checked ‘export only selected’, and this work good
ch2 - this was exported with default values of exporter, I choosed only the extension .glb

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Ok that’s interesting. @Drigax do you want to take a look? @MarianG I see a max file in your original post, does that file repro the issue?

Affirmative :wink:


I’ll try to take a look first thing Monday