Animation with different behavior babylon vs glb

ch1 - exported only the geometry, I ment I selected only the object in 3ds Max and on export I checked ‘export only selected’, and this work good
ch2 - this was exported with default values of exporter, I choosed only the extension .glb

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Ok that’s interesting. @Drigax do you want to take a look? @MarianG I see a max file in your original post, does that file repro the issue?

Affirmative :wink:


I’ll try to take a look first thing Monday


@Drigax, any news on this?
Thanks :beers:

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No updates, sorry.

@Drigax if it is a bug should we create an issue on the exporter side to track it ? it might be easier than the forum ?

feel free

Issue is available here: Animation with different behavior babylon vs glb · Issue #853 · BabylonJS/Exporters · GitHub Would be cool to have a status shortly even if the fix is coming a bit later if you have a chance to look into it @Drigax.

I don’t plan on looking into this today

no rush, not saying today but just when you get a chance and if it is not too cumbersome to address I could be your padawan on this one :slight_smile:

Well, what do we know other than “this looks wrong?” Right now we’re just presenting the problem, but there could be a number of causes, so lets start at the top…

Are the skeleton joint locations identical? is the skinning information identical? Is the animation data identical?

You’re a pretty smart guy @sebavan, you could probably root cause this faster than it would take for me to get to it…

This is the exact same model with only a different mode selected in max :slight_smile:

I am trying to spot what could the diff be in the exporter just in case.

You are awesome :sunglasses:
If I can help you more, lelt me know

Unfortunately nothing obvious, the only weird part is that one model is having about 150 animations in the group where the other ones has only about 50 so I am wondering if there are no dupplicates for some reasons. Let s wait on @Drigax super power with the exporter a bit later.

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@MarianG can you help us pinpoint the last working version?


This also sounds like a duplicate of Bake Animation Frames problem in v20200618.4 · Issue #851 · BabylonJS/Exporters · GitHub

That I’m currently looking into


Oki. I’ll check with the latest version and let you know.

I delivered a fix for the suspected duplicate: Bake Animation Frames problem in v20200618.4 · Issue #851 · BabylonJS/Exporters · GitHub

Using the fix, I compared the scene export to the supplied samples for ch1 (correct) and ch2(incorrect). To my untrained eye, it looks correct now, now but can you please test the latest release to verify that I properly fixed it? @MarianG?


Hey, great news!
I just tested the last version exporter and everything is working well :sunglasses:
Thanks for your efforts! Cheers! :beers: