Any room sample without pre-baked lightmaps?


I am looking for a sample which has a room with lights and shadows without pre-baked lightmaps.
I want to learn how to achieve near-realistic lighting completely with babylonjs.

I am using the code explained at the below links to create my model on the fly. Now I need to add lighting to this model.

Can someone please help me?

Thanks in advance.


Hiya SC! Hey, sorry for the no-replies. Maybe by doing this “topic bump”… we will get some replies.

I know… that all the lighting and shadow tools you need… ARE included in BJS. We just need some good examples of “room shadows”, eh? CALLING ALL ROOM-BUILDING FORUM USERS! HELP, please!

I am having problems with earcut errors in the house snippets area… so no help with that, for now.

Maybe take a look at this thread:

I think those guys are experimenting with both baked and not-baked. Might be helpful.

Have fun :wink:

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A mere 512-rez shadow? How girly. heh. Crank-up that 512 to 4096, SC! :slight_smile:
Thx for the nice clean PG demo, @Vinc3r ! Cool.

And where’s all the GUI sliders and checkboxes to adjust the myriad of “knobs” available in the BJS shadows system?

C’mon V! Cornell Room Dynamic Shadow Testing-Lab, v1.0! :smiley: Have it on my desk before you leave work Friday night. :wink:

You already have it :smiley:

And yeah, 512px to help having a quick “Run” effect during the dev :wink:

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