CornellBox example no Shadow

I have no idea why the CornellBox example does have no shadow most of the time.
I know i have seen the shadow in the past. But now its gone.
I havnt changed anyhting.

You’re right! Actually I remember had issue combining PBR workflow and dynamic shadow darkness :-/ And I always suffer to get proper dyn shadow when lightmaps (as shadowmaps) have to be used, it’s impossible for example to get a pure black dyn shadows.

I will try to fix that as soon as Internet comes back at home :smile:

Here a quick try (doesn’t works)
And also, why not, a standard workflow too (shadow doesn’t work either, 'still don’t know why) :

But im sure i saw shadows in that scene today.
Its sometimes working.

For 10 sec i had the shadow showing up cause i increased the map size.
But if i hit Run again its gone. Wont come bake if i change the size again.

Without lightmaps, we’re able to see the shadow in standard workflow, but not in PBR

the direct light does also not show up in the expector.
if the shadow is there you will see the light in the expector.


Mistake on my side, I was using createDefaultCameraOrLight and this default light was attenuating shadows. I make the PR to update the page example right now, thanks for reporting :slight_smile:

(I also simplified the code and added comments)

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Thanks for the fix.

A small crit form my side. The light maps arnt that clean.
If i could get them i would clean them in Photoshop and upload the fixed one.

What kind of issues have you spotted? Feel free to enhance them:

Here is the new map. I just cleaned some artefacts in Photoshop.

'will be updated soon: cornellBox lightmap tweaked by Vinc3r · Pull Request #19 · BabylonJS/MeshesLibrary · GitHub

These artefacts was here due to the floor albdedo texture influence during lighting, thanks for the stamping :wink:

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