Apple Vision Pro

We support Metal and ARKit. I would expect Vision Pro to also use this. Without the actual device in hand, it’ll be hard to know for sure.

Thanks everyone for the answers, really looking forward to building apps on it once webGPU support is out. At that point I can get rid of my monitors :smiley:

No one even mentioning the price here? I mean, the user base on this will be very very small. Surely the tech is right, the usability will probably be great. But… This has great potential to become yet another tech gimmick that will never see the light of day…

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I am coming in on a different angle here. my area of interest is the negative aspects of technology on people’s posture and mental state, in a nutshell tight concentration on a small 2 dimensional area is generally not very good for people’s posture, back and spine, then we have the ergonomics of office furniture, it’s not merely about posture, shallow restrictive breathing and lead to all manner of issues emotional included.

It’s a lot better for people to interact with a wider scene maintaining peripheral awareness without getting sucked into a small area or object. Ask any martial artist about the importance of wide visual awareness, they know all about it’s relation to dynamic posture.

Maintaining wide panoramic vision with variety and changes to position of screens will be beneficial I think, for one thing it would stop people getting locked into a single head position.

I think a future generation of this kind of technology may free people from some of the side effects of professional IT or for that matter hobbyist if the hours are as long.

I am hoping that the person sees through the display to see their actual environment and so vision and interaction with real objects in the room is as you would expect - if the environment is “imposed from a library of rooms or locations” I would be less enthusiastic.

In the short term future I am not totally convinced by the Goggles, in some of the publicity shots they seem to obstruct the full peripheral vision - it’s hard to tell, I would favour goggles that did not obscure any peripheral vision - and of course there are the obvious of issues to do with wearing goggles for long periods of time.

I think it’s heading in the right direction in terms of people’s health and ergonomics but this incarnation may not be the ideal.

I do like the idea of hand gestures in space presumably with a range of spatial choice to free us from the mouse or touch pad - the start of many an issue of tension and holding patterns.

I think we are living through the worst phase of the IT revolution where our interaction with technology is most damaging to us… “text neck” and so on, people will look back on this phase as we look upon the poor working conditions of the early industrial age.I think the ideal would be no goggles and 3D elements we can interact with almost as if we could touch them - responses being mimicked accordingly - virtual imposed over reality but not obscuring it. It’s great if we can stay mobile and walk around the elements, mix them up a bit now and then and keep it fresh not fixated.

The irony might be that we are now beginning to move out of the virtual phase of this and head towards maintaining as much of the real world as possible and only introduce virtual elements as needed on top of that without disconnecting us from what is actually going on around us.