[Art Work] Feral File presents john gerrard : crystalline work

Dear Babylonforum,

I am proud to link to a project we have been working on for quite a while now, seeing it published and working.

Please find all the infos regarding the artwork on the website.

crystalline work

as well

crystalline work gallery

as well the artist website

John Gerrard

We have transported the artworks concept into WebGL using the wonderful BabylonJs engine and are very happy to see it on the web, accessable publicly from everywhere and enjoyable also on many devices.
The artwork utilizes a couple of the great features of babylon, like PBR, Postprocessing, Image and Model download, animation aso.
It also holds a lot of custom developments like an IK solver and a generative Sound integration utilizing Tone.js (webAudio).

We have enjoyed the development and the production of this project using BabylonJs and especially the editors and tools, playground, sandbox et.al.

Thank you so much for such a great engine and also helping us out on some on the particular questions here on the forum.

We surely will continue producing utilizing BabylonJs.

Please let me know your impressions and let me answer your questions.

… and maybe you enjoy collecting art and plant some trees :deciduous_tree: :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree:

Following an excerpt of the official Pressrelease as an Intro:

Feral File presents

john gerrard : crystalline work

A year-long generative art series that supports the restoration of Ireland’s

lost temperate rainforests.

crystalline work (arctic), showing a double tree archetype

Feral File, the online cultural institution for digital art, is proud to announce a solo
exhibition of artist john gerrard, titled crystalline work. This global data performance
and generative art series aims to actively address climate heating by supporting
temperate rainforest restoration projects in Ireland led by Hometree. A preview of the
exhibition began on Feral File on June 8th, 2024, and the sale will begin on June
18th, 2024 at 16:00 UTC.

crystalline work features a prismatic simulated robot performing upon a barren
platform at the Arctic North Pole. Seen from above, the robot enacts an
ice-generation algorithm to create crystal bar lattices. Once a lattice is completed the
work is digitally dropped into the Feral File gallery as a unique, dynamic, tokenized 3D
Web Graphic Library (WebGL) art piece documenting that solar moment. The robot
will generate 24 collectible works per day, 168 per week, and 8,760 per year.

25% of sales revenue from crystalline work will be donated to Hometree, a charity
committed to restoring a lost 4,000-acre temperate rainforest in Connemara, Ireland.
Each day’s performance can fund up to 33 trees — more than 12,000 trees in a year —

from seed collection, to germination, to planting, to site fencing, to associated
biodiversity acceleration — with the ultimate goal of cooling our planet in the near

Please find full information on the Feral File and the crystalline work Website.