Artefact with reflection in the water if the camera is close

Hi @julien-moreau,

Objects that reflect in the water have imperfections when the camera is closer and depending on the angle of the camera which varies the artefacts.

Here is several image which shows in 1 the close camera, in 2 a small retreat with a different angle and in 3 the camera sufficiently distance and the expected result.

I reproduced the same thing with a PG:

Water itself does not do this problem. It’s just the objects that reflect in the water.

The results on my project: (It’s really very ugly :worried:)

Thank you!

@Dad72 thanks for reporting!
This is mainly due to the waves. Can you try with waves height equals to 0?

I think that I can try to fix by clamping values for the reflection map (i mean clamping the texture coordinates)

Will work on tomorrow :slight_smile:

I try to set waveHeight to 0, it is less pronounced, but always present with a lower angle of the camera :

Thank you for looking to fix it. :+1:

Very waldens pond

Working on it but will need more time to fix :slight_smile:

Ok thank you

Hi @julien-moreau,
I come to the news about this problem to know if you had managed to correct it?
Thank you

@Dad72 unfortunately not now :frowning: I’m working on it.
I think this material is too old and should be restarted to provide a more powerful water material. I’m planning it, are you interested to be my tester ? :slight_smile:

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Hi @julien-moreau,

Sorry for my late response,. I went 1 week on vacation next to Brest. I’m back.

Yes I want to be your tester with great pleasure. Tell me how you want us to proceed?

Hi @julien-moreau

You still have not answered me about the testing of the new water material. Is it still relevant ?

Hi @Dad72 sure it is! But I’m moving my apartment and I’m still waiting my internet connection. My setup isn’t still ready but will let you know :slight_smile:

I wish you a good move in your new apartment.

Yo, I’d love to see the updated water material as well, perhaps closer to FFT Ocean :wink:

Hey I’m fixing an issue, release the editor and then will begin the ocean material. Will require some learn/research but we’ll have a result ASAP :slight_smile: