Reflection stretched in water

The camera tilt look at water, it seems some problem with the reflection image on stretched state

it would be impossible to troubleshoot without a repro :frowning:

cc @julien-moreau

My water mesh created by irregula polygon, it seems to be easy to got problem with watermaterial

A repro would still be helpful for @julien-moreau to have a look and understand whether it is a known limitation.

I had already talked about this problem about 2 years ago. it had to be looked at, Julien had talked about redoing the water material to modernize it, but that seems to have been forgotten.

Maybe @julien-moreau remember that.

Hey @Dad72 sure I remember ! Just have to find enough time.
@DWork water material has been designed to work on flat surfaces. Is your surface enough flat or totally flat? Can you share a repro in the playground so I can try to help ?

Thanks, i will keep testing

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