Assets Manager Loading Cube Texture And Video

Hey guys (@Deltakosh and @sebavan and @PirateJC) i need some help loading CubeTexture (Both single file dds/env and six sided png images) using the BABYLON.AssetsManager.

How can i do that ???

What about that:
AssetsManager | Babylon.js Documentation

Sorry @Deltakosh … forgot to delete this question, i already figured that out

let skyboxTask:BABYLON.CubeTextureAssetTask = null;                     
if (skyfaces === "png") {
    skyboxTask = this._assetsManager.addCubeTextureTask(("SkyboxTextureTask"), skypath, extensions);        // Note: IsRGBD = true
} else {
    const skyTextureFile:string = (skypath + "." + skyfaces);
    skyboxTask = this._assetsManager.addCubeTextureTask(("SkyboxTextureTask"), skyTextureFile, null, true); // Note: Prefiltered = true

Yo @Deltakosh … i got an issue with loading a dds with addCubeTextureTask… how do i specify gammaSpace = false and prefiltered = true

Hey @Deltakosh … I created PR# Prefiltered CubeTextureAssetTasks by MackeyK24 · Pull Request #9975 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub to add prefiltered support to the CubeTextureAssetTask. please check it out :slight_smile:

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just a tiny missing info for documentation :slight_smile: