Assign Vertex Colors to Albedo Color of an PBR Material?

I am creating a custom mesh and assigning colors.

Can I transfer the vertex colors to the Albedo Color of the PBR material of the Mesh, to be shaded?
For some reason I can only display the vertex colors when I bump up the emissive color to white using a standard Material.


Heya, this should work I think because albedo gets multiplied by vertex color, so just make sure albedo is white… If you can post a little PG repro we can help getting it working if it isn’t thou. :slight_smile:


Aye. And thx for the reply.
Here is my PG.
At the moment I have Standard Material attached.

Best. Werner

Is there something wrong with your playground?

What do u mean?
Nothing wrong with my playground. :smiley:
Isnt it working for u?

This is the example for the idea to put the vertexcolor to the albedo on a pbr material onto the generated mesh.
I havent switched to a PBR material in this PG.
should i?

So you were able to assign the colors how you wanted? It wasn’t clear from the previous messages.

No I was not. Unfortunately.
I want to use the VCs as albedo color and then light the scene using a pbr material on the dynamic meshes, but instead of UNLIT I want to be able to make use of the PBR materials parameters.

Oh, maybe yes…
Nevertheless I need to play with the parameters and also with the smooth shading?

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