Is it possible to use vertex color as emission

Hey everyone,

I want to use vertex color as emission but I’m not sure how to create the PBR material.

In Blender I have the following which is working well.

There is no emission input for the PBR node in the node material editor

When I try to follow this tutorial -

Dragging the world normal doesn’t do anything too?

Any help would be much appreciated.


I think you can have emission with or without PBR. I would just add the lighting value (out of PBR or any other node) with the vertex color. Basically, color emission is added value. As long as it’s added to the pixel color, it should be fine.


Thanks Cedric, that that worked perfectly for me.

Any ideas how I could get it to work with the glow layer?

I have full PBR meshes and I want to be able to highlight the vertex colors on the mesh and make the vertex colors glow.

I ended up using the custom pbr material instead of nme as I couldn’t get it working

You will have to add the mesh to the glow layer and that should be enough: