Babylon 7.0 Release Video - Community Submissions!

@PirateJC I’ve uploaded my 3D Presentation tool here: - Google Drive

I hope resolution and everything is fine, otherwise I can re-upload.

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Hey QQ, does that mean using latest 6.X release from npm “effectively” is using 7.0? I was going to try and switch to 7.0 to test things out, but looking at source it “appears” it’s kinda “the same code base”. Is there a convenient way to build 7.0 and use locally or is using latest 6.x effectively the same thing?

Yup the 7.0 denomination is more of a milestone moment to celebrate everything that was developed in the last year, but we already have it all on the latest 6.X branch :slight_smile:

Oh wow, already 7.0? Feels like I just submitted my discontinued project for 6.0 release video :rofl:

Ahh, so more like a “we got enough stuff done and/or met our objectives so we’re going to anoint this particular version 7.0” kinda thing?

Hi there - I used babylon.js to build the online IDE for my YouTube series teaching kids (and adults) the fundamentals of computer science. I would love it to appear in your teaser :slight_smile:



OMG, I love it! Turtle graphics are super fun and you made it even better with DINOS! Always a fan of seeing educational tools built with Babylon :smiley:

Hi everybody,

Here’s a video of our 3D pergola / veranda / carport / poolhouse configurator with :

  • Complete parametric modeling
  • Projection on a picture with 2 points perspective calculation
  • 3D assets / textures library
  • rendering “on a click”

and many other things…

@PirateJC , can you tell me if the format of the video is OK for you.

Thanks very much,



@bvaisman this is awesome! LOVE the visuals and the music choice too! Yup this is perfect! thanks for submitting this for consideration for the 7.0 launch video!


Awesome work! It would be great to know how you implemented the multi-point projection

Ok , i promise I will try to find time to explain.

So, in a few words :

  • The 2 points perspective projection is implemented considering the camera is NOT mobile and the perspective is only changed by a matrix applied on the camera
  • Neither the photo nor the 4 points are in the canvas because they must not be deformed when applying the matrix on the camera. They must be created directly on the DOM and the photo is loaded in a Babylon layer.
  • The two perspective points are the intersections or the two red axes for the first one and the two green axes for the second one

I’m sorry but it is a little bit difficult to explain because there are 2000 lines in the code for this functionality which is totally integrated in our application.

I don’t know if this kind of functionality would be interesting for the Babylon community. Please tell me


@bvaisman if you have time to continue this off-topic conversation it would be great to create another post.

To answer your question I think the perspective matching tool would be really valuable at least as a plugin. I do also vote it’s relevant for the engine but this is one for the core team.

Any builders/configurators would benefit from this as we could overlay a backdrop (image import). Additionally it can benefit alongside AI image diffusion.

I’m happy to spend some time helping where I can if the code can be opened up. I’m also keen to look at a canvas solution for the points etc also create some examples.

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A lot of mini projects to show :

All those projects were made in 2024 for learning reasons, BabylonJS is awesome and fun to use.
Bye !


Let me share the two movies.

A park : Used “Screen Space Reflection, Post Process, WaterMaterial, and LensFlare”

Highlighted movie file : 20240211_park.mp4

3D city and mapped nursery school position as particles.

Highlighted movie file : 20240211_city.mp4


Hey Everyone! Just a friendly reminder that demo submissions are due to this thread by Feb 29th. Just over 2 weeks left for submissions!

Thanks all!


Hi @PirateJC

I’ve just posted our Babylon Native project, Emesent Commander, to the Demos and projects category:

We’d be honoured to be considered for inclusion in the Babylon.js 7.0 release video.

The video can be downloaded at 1920 x 1080 if you click through on the Vimeo logo, then click the Download button.

Relevant timecodes for the actual Babylon Native Android app screen recordings are:

  • 00:18 - 00:20
  • 00:31 - 00:38
  • 00:58 - 01:05
  • 01:07 - 01:11 * This is a good clip
  • 01:24 - 01:35
  • 01:37 - 01:44

But if you would prefer a smaller clip, we could get that to you.

Note: Outside the above Android app clips, there are some high-density point cloud clips taken from our Aura desktop software, which are not Babylon related.


Friendly reminder to everyone. This week is the last week to submit your wonderful Babylon.js creations to be considered for including in this year’s release video.

The deadline for submission is this Thursday the 29th!

LOVE what’s been submitted so far. Can’t wait to see the rest of you have made!


Hi, here’s my last minute submission !

It’s an open-source steel-wire marble-run simulator, where you can create your own tracks and share it with your friends (*)

It features a home-made physic loop that does radical assumptions on the colliders so it can update more than once per millisecond per ball.

* if you download your scene as a .json and send it via email because I have no server to host your creations, all the project budget has been spent in 16mm steel balls to record realistic ball sounds


What’s the release time for Babylonjs7.0?