Babylon Editor - How to edit a Material in Mesh Viewer?

I’m actually working in Babylon.JS Editor v4.0.4.
I created a PBR Material an edited it in the inspector. After a while I found the “Mesh Viewer”, here are more parameters. I only can see the changes in this mesh viewer. Is it possible to get these changes to my mesh in the viewport?
I tried out a lot of things, maybe it’s a bug?

Here is an example:
I colored the cubes red in the inspector. Then I double click on the material, and in the Mesh Viewer I changed the Albedo to blue. But the change is only in the mesh viewer, not at the cube.

Ping for the awesome editor master @julien-moreau

Hi @Joana !

Unfortunately editing material in the “Material Viewer” and applying in the main viewport is not yet supported. I just created the issue here to add the support: Add way to apply delta from "Material Viewer" when modified in Babylon.JS Inspector · Issue #327 · BabylonJS/Editor · GitHub

Is there a need to use the Babylon.JS Inspector instead of the one provided by the Editor? Is it missing parameters?


Thanks for the fast answer @julien-moreau . I whondered why the “Mesh Viewer” exists, if it has no effects.

Yes in the mesh viewer are some more paramters as in the inspector on the right side.
E.g. there’s an additional tint function in the mesh viewer, that I need for a project. But there are other usefull parameters in the mesh viewer, that are not in the inspector.

It would be very helpful if the Mesh Viewer also had an effect to the material.