BabylonJs Editor: Graphical Issues and Updates in the Materials Viewer

Before I explain these issues I want to say that I consider them to be relatively minor. They don’t impede work. I would consider these secondary to issues related to saving/loading and general iterative workflow. I am just capturing these issues here so there is a record and discussion.

Rendering Issue

Sometimes the Materials viewer loads correctly:

However, The Materials Viewer will occasionally display labels over the materials that obscure their visibility.

Clicking Refresh can make the issue worse:

Sometimes They all load correctly. Sometimes a few are correct, but others are not. Sometimes They are all loaded incorrectly. The problem is intermittent, and I haven’t zeroed in on exactly what Causes this.

Updating Issue

I can attempt to add textures to the Texture Viewer…

I can drag these in and this seems to work.

Then I want to make a new material, I am adding a Standard Material:

So far behavior is expected.

Now here we see the Standard Material Inspector does not update in the Materials viewer

I can click refresh and see it change

Changing properties DOES update in the scene right away

But not in the Viewer:

Again, this is not a big issue, but it can create confusion when you are trying to edit the scene when the various panels go out of sync. You can click refresh, but then you need to ALSO reselect the Material in the Viewer to see changes. This means that sometimes Refresh works, but other times you need to refresh AND reselect the material.

Pinging @julien-moreau

Hey @the-simian,
Thanks a lot for all these informations and screenshots! That helped me so much! Always a pleasure to fix issues with that kind of informations!!

I just fixed all the issues here: Fixed… · BabylonJS/Editor@46eca95 · GitHub :slight_smile:

The materials are now live updated (including their name) :slight_smile:

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Fantastic! I’m sure you can tell I am working in this regularly, I’ll verify and test as soon as you release. Quick work! Thank you!

@the-simian I’m creating a preview, are you working on window or a mac?

I am working on Windows primarily but i ALSO use OSX. I have 2 computers with a KVM switch, specifically for cross-env testing.

Cool! I need to get my macbook back to build an OSX version but for instance you can find the preview here which includes the latest user feedbacks including yours :slight_smile: : Editor Setup 3.1.1.exe

I’m about to test. I notice 3.1.1 is the same as the last version, should that be 3.1.2 ? just want to make sure I’m testing the right thing, @julien-moreau

Yes you are testing the right version, because I haven’t bumped the version yet. Will do next time to include “alpha.0” etc.

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These two bugs are fixed in the build you posted… (Heads up you might want to turn those really awesome new icons light gray when you do the dark theme.)

Great work!