Babylon Editor Toolkit source code file

In the Babylon Editor Toolkit source code, which file can generate the map code in the packaging process? Thank you!

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I would love to have the solution but I think @MackeyK24 will answer better than me

Sorry , I don’t quite understand your question

I want to know which file in the source code of the plug-in can generate the model. Because when generating babylon project, the Chinese characters in the.gltf file are not recognized, so I want to find the code of generating the model and modify the character encoding.

I would like to know where the Babylon Editor Toolkit Encoding can be modified. In unity, the map uses the Chinese path. During the conversion process, the map path in the model shows "? ". Does anyone know what’s going on?

GET http://localhost:8888/scenes/assets/???/fbx/???/tex/P111B.png 404 (File Not Found)

Basically you don’t have access to that part of the source for my toolkit. Sorry

Maybe you can explain exactly what you want and I MIGHT be able to help

I don’t know of a way to encode a gltf in Chinese characters

thank you

I want to use the Babylon Editor Toolkit plugin from unity and Preview the model in the browser by clicking on the “Launch Web Preview Window” button. Alternatively, export the Babylon project in unity using the Babylon Editor Toolkit.

The uri path in the exported project’s.gltf model is converted to a question mark (?) because textures and folders are in Chinese during modeling. .

I want the Chinese folder I used and the Chinese named texture to be parsed and displayed correctly in the browser when using the plugin preview or export.

  • This is the texture map structure used in unity:

  • This is the uri path of the exported.gltf texture:

Is there some function to convert the string to Chinese or is it already encoded as Chinese and the toolkit just does not recognize

If you did have access to the source, how would you ensure that text of the patch stays Chinese encoded ?

Does Babylon Editor Toolkit plugin encode the Chinese path when it works? It uses utf-8?