Babylon - importing terrain

Good day.

I am new to Babylon and I’m having an issue when trying to import a terrain in .glb, when rendered in Blender the colors appear and seems good, when exported to a .glb file and then imported to Babylon it just shows black and white colors, before this I imported another glb file without any issue, I am doing something wrong when importing/exporting the file?

babylon import:


Is this a screenshot of the babylon sandbox ( ? If not, try dropping the glb file there and see if it renders better. We will be able to help a little more knowing a bit more about the environment you are using.

good day.

thanks for reaching out, I when to the link and uploaded the .glb file, it rendered but in black and white just like the picture.


would you be able to share the .glb? show us a playground that we can play with?

Are all textures loaded?